About You

You're an existing business looking to stand out from the crowd. You've got a great team, you need some help to push them even further.

They're potential is huge, they just haven't discovered it yet.

Let's find it. Uncover it.

Unleash it.

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Fire Starter

Whether it's a team day or a longer term program. I will help ignite new energy and direction in your team.

I guarantee I'll ask you questions you'd never considered.



LEAP Program

Designed to get your team fired up and give them some simple tools to begin innovating, my one day LEAP workshop gets you and your team started on your journey - hold on though, it's a ride!

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Underwater Dive

Ultimate Leap Package

My 12 week team program will catalyse your idea from a burning spark to a magnificent obsession. 
Not just a bunch of pretty pictures either, a plan for acceleration.
You will win when your new venture/ market plan comes to life.


'Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad'

Denis Waitley